Lauri Novak started out this week, giving us a sneak peek at Adobe Capture. Then, Kevin Ames reviewed the Luxli case for Timpani lights, while Julie Powell gave a first look at DxO PhotoLab 3.1. Bryan Esler had a Creators Chat with portrait photographer Chris Orwig and finally, Nate Torres gave us some great tips on how to find models for portrait photography.

Adobe Capture A look at Adobe Capture’s latest updates for photographers - Adobe recently added a couple of features to its Adobe Capture app. If you’re not familiar with this Adobe app (I wasn’t) you may want to check it out. The latest updates Create Color Shapes Previously creating high-contrast shapes in Capture was limited to black and white only. Adobe has updated this and you are […]
Luxli case for Timpani lights offers easy storage without the bulk - Luxli gave me their new carrying case that can hold a pair of Timpani LED lights for the purpose of writing this review. What I discovered is a well made, simple case that can carry one of their 1-by-1 foot versatile lights, a power brick and cord along with a set of accessories, or two […]
A first look at DxO PhotoLab 3.1 - I was recently offered a copy of DxO PhotoLab 3 to try out for a review. I have always been an Adobe girl and use Lightroom Classic and Photoshop exclusively — well, that’s because that’s what everyone was using. I am not normally one to follow the pack, but once I was in, I wasn’t really […]
Finding your hidden truth, with Chris Orwig - We welcome you to a new Photofocus series called Creators Chat, where we interview photographers across the globe to find out how they create and get inspired behind the camera. On the back of Chris Orwig’s book, “The Creative Fight,” he states that “Creativity is not a gift for a select few.” But how do […]
How to find models for portrait photography: Eight (simple) tips - You’ve made the jump into photography — you bought your gear and found the best lens for your camera, you’ve read some of the industry’s most popular books and you’re following the best photography accounts on social media. However, if you’ve decided to focus on portrait photography, you may be scratching your head when it […]

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