Luxli gave me their new carrying case that can hold a pair of Timpani LED lights for the purpose of writing this review. What I discovered is a well made, simple case that can carry one of their 1-by-1 foot versatile lights, a power brick and cord along with a set of accessories, or two Timpanis with power supplies.


The Luxli Timpani case is an example of form defining function. It has two zippers on either side of the top flap to secure it completely. Unzipped, the flap is still held in place by a wide Velcro tab at the back. To finish opening the case, grip the back flay and fold it forward to open.

The case has a flap on the front fasted by Velcro as well. The bottom of the case is waterproof while the case itself is made of a weather-resistant nylon shell.

The Luxli Timpani case carries 2 lights or 1 light with a set of accessories.
The Luxli Timpani carrying case.


The interior of the case extends the simplicity theme. There is only one well-padded panel that fastens to the sides and bottom of the case again with Velcro. The panel can be removed completely to make a large, spacious main compartment. This would be done when carrying a single Timpani with a Luxli barndoor set and a collapsible Angler diffusion panel and grid.

The Luxli Timpani case with 2 1 by 1' LED lights and power bricks
The Luxli Timpani case with two 1-by-1 foot LED lights, with power bricks and cords

With the panel in place, it easily handles a pair of Timpani light. The power bricks ride comfortably on the backside of each of the Timpanis with the power cord riding on their yokes at the top. A pair of Luxli barndoors fits nicely in the front pouch.

A pair of barndoors fit nicely in the front pouch.
A pair of barndoors fit nicely in the front pouch.


The Luxli travel case for Timpani lights comes with a comfortable, padded handle centered on the case. It comes with a shoulder strap that clips onto D-rings on either side.

Additionally, there is a pair of padded handles on each side. This makes a two-handed lift easy to accomplish. It also helps get the case off a shelf when its side is out.


The case has no frills. It is designed to store and carry Timpani lights. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some nice details. The zippers are easy to find thanks to a bright red pull on each of them. When the case is closed, the red zipper pulls are tastefully hidden at the case’s back. One side of the case has an ID window that can hold four or so business cards.


This case is great for carrying the Timpani 1-by-1 foot LED lights to a location in a van or for storing them when they are not in use. I would never ship lights in it. Also, it is not ATA rated so my suggestion is not to check it on an airline as baggage. If you fly a lot or need to ship the lights, look into cases by either Nanuk or Pelican.