Using Excire Search to locate landmarks is quick and easy to do. I tend to travel a lot and I really like lighthouses, but I frequently forget which lighthouse is in which folder within Lightroom Classic. Excire Search promised to get me organized, and it did.

Keyword search

I tried using the search term lighthouse and raised the criteria to load up to 5,000 images and the whole catalog. I was really impressed — 99% was spot on with every image. I also tried searching for house and bird, again spot on. I tried refining my search by looking for eagle as opposed to a bird, 80% were eagles, but also pelicans and owls. Looking for particular colors can be really handy too.

Example photo search

I also tried an example photo search, which did not quite as far. Again I used a lighthouse image and an eagle image, but mixed and random results. Being artificial intelligence, it’s possible the more Excire is run, the better it will be able to run a predictable search.

In conclusion

If like me, your catalogues are getting a bit up there in quantity, you may find that Excire Search really can improve your workflow and help get you really organized. I have only been playing with it for a short time, but already I have found it very useful. It really can make finding your Lightroom Classic images quick and intuitive.