This week at Photofocus brought us a few gear-centric articles, a Lightroom Classic tutorial and some huge news from Photofocus!

Serge Ramelli started off the week by showing us best practices for editing in Lightroom Classic, while Chris Anson discussed backups and protected storage with a Drobo 5C. Erin Holmstead documented her switch to the Godox lighting platform and Bob Coates talked about forcing perspectives with a wide-angle zoom lens. And our Photofocus team announced our huge, year-long 21st birthday celebration, where you get to take home the gifts!

How to edit photos in Lightroom Classic like a boss - (Editor’s Note: Photofocus is proud to welcome Serge Ramelli to Photofocus. Be sure to check out his free master class and bonus toolkit). Download the
Photofocus celebrates 21st birthday with year-long contest - Well, it’s our birthday. Yup. We’re turning 21 this year! That’s big news. The even bigger news is what we are giving away as birthday
Backups and protected storage with the Drobo 5C - Backups or backing up means to make a copy of your data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) and store that copy someplace. Traditionally that would be
Switching to mirrorless is in — here’s why I switched to Godox - I feel like everyone is talking about how they switched to mirrorless lately, which is awesome considering I, too, shoot mirrorless. Lumix in the house!
Forced perspective in photography wide-angle and zoom lens - Here’s another reminder that meeting and hanging out with fellow photographers is not only fun, it’s educational! Get together In Sedona there are a number