This edition of the Photofocus Weekly Wrap-Up of noteworthy articles published during the last seven days takes us to the Midwestern U.S. for photographing festivals, fairs and carnivals by Lauri Novak. Managing editor Kevin Ames shares his opinion on photography as a career choice, Scott Wyden Kivowitz rants a bit about branding mistakes by Nikon and Adobe. Next, it’s off to Montana with Matt Fey’s guest post on getting started shooting wildlife and finally, we go to Cypress Creek Studios in Florida to learn how v-flats make beautiful backgrounds thanks to Jason Hahn. Learn, enjoy and keep making photos!

Photographer — one of the worst jobs ever? Never! - “You may never become rich financially being a photographer. You will live a very rich life.” -Kevin Ames The photo above is me in 1986 right after completing the photography of one of Atlanta’s landmark buildings. That is the face of a photographer who absolutely loves his job. Contrary to current reports … According to […]
confused Two brand mistakes that are frustrating photographers - You might have noticed two companies in the photography industry doing things that are frustrating you. It’s possible one of these companies is even confusing you. Today I want to share two mistakes that I know are frustrating me, and could likely be frustrating you. My hope is that these companies notice some commentary here […]
Get started with animal photography in the wild - (Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome this guest post from Matt Fey of PrintingCenterUSA. Matt writes for PrintingCenterUSA’s blog and social channels. In his free time, he enjoys taking photos while out and about in the backcountry of Montana. Whether fishing or camping, he enjoys being outdoors as much as possible.) Nothing beats the excitement […]
How to make beautiful backgrounds with v-flats - Taking a lesson from my nature photography roots for my studio work, I always try to compose my background first. With wildlife, this is often a split second decision in terms of positioning and adjustment. In the studio, you can be much more proactive and finely tune your background to fit your vision for the […]
Festival, fair and carnival photography - As life begins to open back up here in the U.S., festivals, fairs and carnivals are being added to event calendars. Attending these events with your camera can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of people, bands, games, rides and food to take photos of, and a lot of different things you can […]