Lauri Novak kicked off the week by giving us six ways to get out of a photography slump. Then, the Photofocus Editorial Board wrote on face-to-face camera sales, while Andrew Ford gave us some great ways to increase video engagement. Nate Torres presented tips to photograph outdoor portraits and Michele Grenier documented her first experience photographing an international sports event. Finally, Vanelli chatted with Arlene Evans about the closure of PDN and the state of the photography industry.

Six ways to get out of your photography slump - A fellow photographer just asked for help because they have been in a photography slump for the last four months. I thought I’d share my reply and ideas to help us all when this happens. Face it — it happens to all of us sooner or later. Just get out and photograph something Sometimes just […]
Editorial: Are face-to-face sales dead? - With shows like PhotoPlus, Imaging USA and WPPI not having as many camera companies exhibit, we had to ask ourselves a question. Are face-to-face sales dead? In this piece compiled by the Photofocus Editorial Board, we dive into why camera companies aren’t as present at trade shows, and what this means for the future of […]
Three ways to improve video engagement - Engagement is my favorite metric to track, as it represents the overall performance and health of your video. Unlike so-called vanity metrics such as Views (which show the reach of your video), metrics like Audience Retention tell you the percentage of the video the audience watched/engaged with and exactly what parts were watched. Analyzing this […]
How to take outdoor portrait photographs: 10 (simple) tips - The relatively controlled and static nature of a studio is often the most ideal place to shoot a portrait. After a while, you get a feel for the studio; it’s space, the light and how your equipment interacts with it. However, there is an undeniable sense of dynamism when you take your portrait photography outdoors. […]
Weightlifting athlete waiting to perform behind the curtains Covering my first international sports event, part one - A few months ago, I had the incredible opportunity to be covering my first international sports event. Even more, I’ve had the chance to use a legendary lens for the occasion! How did I make it happen and what cool shots did I get? When preparation meets opportunity Those of you who’ve been following me […]
InFocus Interview Show: The evolving photography industry, with Arlene Evans - Content Director for Emerald Expositions, the group responsible for Photography conferences WPPI and Photo Plus along with magazines PDN and Rangefinder, Arlene Evans talks about how photography magazines are changing the photography industry.

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