This week our team ventured out to Las Vegas for WPPI! We saw some great new products from companies like Savage, Platypod, Insta360, Tether Tools and more. Stay tuned for more coverage next week!

James Maher kicked off the week and gave us six tips for new street photographers, while Andrew Ford gave us some simple ways to optimize our YouTube channels. Nate Torres told us how to use leading lines, while Kevin Ames talked to Insta360 and Bryan Esler talked to Savage about their new C-Stand.

The most important street photography tips for beginners Six of the most important tips for new street photographers to know - Street photography is an incredibly difficult form of photography. You need to go out into the world, capture spontaneous and often instantaneous random photographs of scenes and people who you’ve probably never met before. And somehow, eventually put these disparate moments all together into a cohesive body of work. Specifically, the initial jump in experience […]
Five simple ways to optimize your YouTube channel - If you aren’t doing the little things to optimize your YouTube channel, what are you waiting for? Google (YouTube’s parent company) is the largest search engine in the world and YouTube, as a separate entity, would actually rank as the second largest search engine. So, anything you do to enhance your channel and videos has […]
how to use leading lines How to use leading lines: A simple guide - Many professional photographers will tell you that every winning shot is about composition. You may have captured all of the action, instilled in your photograph a certain mood or emotion or even shot your photos at a breathtaking location. But without good composition, your photographs will still look amateur even to the untrained eye. Composition […]
OneR modular action camera from Insta360 Talking the OneR modular action camera with Insta360 - At WPPI 2020 in Las Vegas, Insta360’s Katherine Chung talked with me about the company’s latest action camera. The OneR modular action camera Kevin Ames: Katherine, what’s the latest from Insta360? Katherine Chung: Insta360 just launched the first modular action camera. And this camera’s really exciting because you’re not only limited to just 360º views. […]
The new C-Stand everyone’s talking about - There’s an interesting buzz coming from the Savage booth at this year’s WPPI, surrounding their brand-new Stainless Steel C-Stand with Grip Arm Kit. While many photographers know Savage for its paper backgrounds, the company is becoming increasingly known for its studio gear. With the new C-Stand, Savage offers a product that solves a lot of […]

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