The last week of summer closes out with lots of great reads on Photofocus this week.

This week, we kicked off October with a ton of great content to help you jump into fall! Julie Powell kicked off the week by finishing her two-part series on why you should use a tripod, while Vanelli talked to us about whether you should repair or replace your camera. Levi Sim discussed buying lighting equipment and using the tools you already have. Finally, Bryan Esler reviewed the MagMod MagBox for his food photography, while also giving us his top five favorite 5DayDeal education tools.

Why a great tripod can make a great image, part two - I recently wrote a post about why a great tripod can make a great image, and went a little in-depth into selecting a great tripod,
How to decide if you should repair or replace your camera - Your trusty camera of 10 years is no longer working. It pains you to get rid of it, especially considering the amount of money you
Portrait Tips: Don’t put the cart before the horse - It’s an old saying that means doing things in the wrong order. I could also say, don’t run before you can walk…but I had this
Upping my food lighting game with MagBox - The past several months have been pretty busy for me, but not with the kind of work I’m used to. While I certainly continue to
My top five 5DayDeal education tools - If you haven’t already heard, 5DayDeal is running an amazing promotion, full of education videos, tutorials, presets and even a copy of Aurora HDR 2019