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25 Black photographers on what drives their work


In this photo essay, GQ talks with 25 Black photographers about what inspires their work. “Through their lenses we can witness the rage, the sadness, the pain, the beauty, the power and the triumph of living in skin that’s been so undervalued and antagonized through America’s history,” the magazine says. “In reaching out to 25 Black photographers (including several who have shot for GQ), we wanted to not only see what they see, but to hear — in their words — what they’re working so hard to say.” Read more >

Lead photo by Alexis Hunley

Photographer chronicles Greenland’s changing landscape during annual trips

My Modern Met

Photograph by Christian Hoiberg

Norweigian landscape photographer Christian Hoiberg is interviewed about his passion for landscape photography. Hoiberg is known for his meditative, one-of-a-kind photographs of Greenland, which he spends roughly 10 days in each year. There, he captures the sea, the ice and the wildlife through his lens, and also uses aerial photography to make a powerful statement about climate change. Read more >