In this week’s edition of The Sunday Shutter, The New York Times showcases photographs of the most iconic city in the country, Artsy spotlights photographer William Eggleston and BoredPanda shows how fun it can be to take portraits … with a drone.

My city is on the brink of a disaster. Here’s what that looks like.

The New York Times

Mara Gay, with photographs by Damon Winter, photograph the current state of New York City. Due to Coronavirus, much of the city is shut down. Empty streets and closed storefronts are a common sight not only in New York City, but across the country. Mara reflects on what it means to be a New Yorker, showcasing a trip around the city.

The black and white photographs show an important yet eery side of life that has been impacted by the Coronavirus. The result is a comparison to times in the early 1900s — something most of us have never lived through. Read more >

Lead photo by Damon Winter, The New York Times

William Eggleston’s colorful photographers of the everyday shocked the art world


Artsy highlights photographer William Eggleston, who showcases the American South through colorful, everyday documentary photographs. Eggleston called his approach “photographing democratically,” where all subjects could be of interest.

Photograph by William Eggleston

While his photographs were initially dismissed by critics, he has since had his work very much appreciated, with 36 of his prints selling for $5.9 million back in 2012. Read more >

16 quarantine portraits that I took with a drone to show everyone that it can be fun


Photography by adasvasiliauskas

With a lot of us social distancing, we’ve been wondering how to stay creative. In this project, two photographers from Lithuania photograph portraits with their drone, creating some unique and fun portraits for families. Most of the photographs feature families looking through windows or on a patio. If you’re looking for a creative take on a traditional style of photography, definitely check this out.