In this week’s edition of The Sunday Shutter, the spotlight is put on a photographer diagnosed with COVID-19, while another photographer documents the struggle of anorexia.

Isolation Diary: Photographers document their experience with COVID-19


This photo essay puts a bit of a twist on photography during the Coronavirus lockdowns throughout the country, as photographer Pete Kiehart documents his daily life, along with his girlfriend. Two days after returning to his parents’ home in North Carolina, Kiehart tested positive for COVID-19.

Throughout his three-week quarantine period, Kiehart used his camera to document new daily activities. Doing so encouraged his girlfriend, Kasia Strek, to document life as well. According to the article, “She wanted to preserve the memory of this difficult time together. They would talk to each other through a window since it was the closest they could be physically together while still maintaining a barrier.” Read more >

Lead photo by Kasia Strek

‘I know that there will probably always be an anorexic part inside of me, but there is also one that fights for life, and won’t tire of doing so’

The Washington Post

Photographer David Arribas’ project on anorexia, “Jaula (Cage)” is featured. Based in Madrid, Arribas is known for his in-depth projects that are geared toward social justice causes. His latest project follows the story of a young woman struggling with anorexia.

Photo by David Arribas

Arribas captures several black and white photographs to help tell the young woman’s story, not only of her but also of her family as they deal with the struggle. These are powerful, intimate photographs that really give you an everyday view of what she goes through. Read more >