In this week’s edition of The Sunday Shutter, The Boston Globe showcases Gohar Dashti’s “Home” series, photographer Steve Simon takes us through the Nikon Museum, while photographers who are documenting the Australian bushfires are also highlighted.

A photographer taps her Iranian roots for ‘universal’ images about home

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe highlights Gohar Dashti, an Iranian born photographer who moved to the U.S. 22 years ago. She has created a series called “Home,” mixing documentary photography with natural elements (lead photo). The series, which was photographed in Iran, features abandoned buildings representative of Iranian architecture that her team filled with horticulture.

It’s a great exercise in bringing new life into forgotten places. “Home” is now on exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Read more >

Quick tour through the Nikon Museum in Tokyo

The Passionate Photographer / Steve Simon

Steve Simon walks us through what he finds during a recent visit to the Nikon Museum in Tokyo. Says Simon:

“I always visit the Nikon Museum every time I’m back in Tokyo. Located on the ground floor of the Nikon Corporate office in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo, the museum is kind of a ‘Nikon World’ where along with the amazing collection of cameras and lenses, there are odes to other areas of Nikon’s history and business, from stepper machines used in the manufacture of computer chips to microscopes, complex measuring and inspection technology and sports optics.”

He showcases such products as the Nikon One, the Nikon FM and Nikon F. Read more >

The real stories behind those viral Australian bushfire photos


Photo by Lisa Maree Williams

Elle highlights female photographers who have documented the Australian bushfire crisis, which has so far killed more than a billion animals. The piece features quotes from each photographer on what they’ve seen during their experiences in Australia.

The five photographers featured are Michaela Skovranova (National Geographic), Kate Geraghty (Sydney Morning Herald), Tracey Nearmy, Jessic Hromas (The Guardian), Cassie Trotter (Getty) and Lisa Maree Williams. Read more >