In this week’s edition of The Sunday Shutter, the International Center for Photography hosts its opening events, National Geographic puts the spotlight on photographers documenting infectious diseases and the British Journal of Photography discusses gender equality in the photography field.

ICP launches new home at Essex Crossing with four exhibitions and free opening community day

International Center for Photography

The International Center for Photography (ICP) opened on Saturday, January 25, 2020 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. As a part of the opening day, ICP held a free Opening Community Day, to show the public how images shape our understanding of the world.

ICP will feature exhibition galleries, media labs, classrooms, darkrooms, an equipment room and shooting studios for photographers.

The opening exhibitions include work from Tyler Mitchell and James Coupe. Also included is a gallery on how iconic portraits came to be, as well as selections from the ICP Collection that showcase the Lower East Side. Read more >

Lead photo by Saul Metnick for ICP

How photographers capture a world besieged by infectious diseases

National Geographic

Whitney Johnson of National Geographic discusses the paranoia that grows when you’re around a deadly disease. She talks to Nichole Sobecki, a Kenya-based National Geographic photographer, who traveled to the Dominican Republic of Congo last year. She worked in hospitals, treatment centers and cemeteries to cover the ongoing Ebola outbreak.

Photo by Nichole Sobecki for National Geographic

“There’s a moment when you start to suspect that everything around you might carry Ebola. The fabric of your shirt, your camera strap, the handle of the door to your room, even your own skin — it all starts to feel sinister. It’s this subtle paranoia even within myself that helped me to understand how a society can latch on to a lie and hold it tight. How false rumors could lead to very real violence.” Read more >

Female in Focus: Increasing work for women photographers

British Journal of Photography

The British Journal of Photography explores how we tackle systemic gender inequality in the photography industry. According to the article, “between 2013 and 2017, men made up between 89% and 96% of commercial photographers. Less than 14% of leading US fashion magazine covers are shot by women. Over 80% of news photographers are men.”

The article discusses the challenges to women in the creative field, and how everyday people can help women succeed at their craft. Read more >