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The year in pictures 2019

The New York Times

With 2019 officially coming to a close this week, The New York Times looks back on 2019 and shows off some of the best work from its photographers over the past year.

Photo by Esther Horvath for The New York Times

Sifting through approximately 5.6 million photos taken for the publication, executive editor Dean Baquet walks us through a month-by-month glance of photos. Included is work by Tyler Hicks, Doug Mills, Adam Dean, Esther Horvath and more. Start reading >

Photographer captures intimate scenes of daily life with autism


In this interview, Spectrum talks with Erin Lefevre, a New York City-based photographer who has documented the life of her 19-year-old brother, Liam, who is on the spectrum.

Since 2014, Erin has created a series called “Liam’s World,” which has been recognized by several publications, including The New York Times and the British Journal of Photography. While popular media has begun to recognize and depict autistic people and characters, her goal is to “help correct that bias through intimate portraits.” Start reading >

Meet the photographers behind “Star Wars Families” presented by eBay


Photo by Daniel Chatard of the Bedeman family in Germany

Following the British Journal of Photography’s “Star Wars Families” project, StarWars.com interviews the photographers behind the project. The project, launched earlier in December 2019, follows the stories of 10 “Star Wars” fans across the globe. Start reading >

See surprisingly stunning views from an airplane window seat

National Geographic

In this photo gallery piece for National Geographic, the magazine highlights photos by Julieanne Kost (of Adobe), who overcame her fear of flying by taking window-seat photography. The images are truly stunning, and feature work from around the world, including Nevada’s Valley of Fire and Ireland’s multi-colored mountains. Start reading >

Lead photo by Laetitia Vancon for The New York Times