Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our most notable finds.

Six iconic artists, as captured by Magnum photographers


While Magnum Photos is most known for photographs that covered world events, since the agency emerged after World War II, its photographers have also taken some iconic portraits of famous figures. A new book, “Magnum Artists,” seeks to uncover these collaborations.

“All sorts of people have photographed artists over the years,” said editor Simon Bainbridge. “[But] Magnum photographers brought a gravitas and seriousness of intent that went beyond the usual assignment.”

Popular figures photographed include Salvador Dalí, William Eggleston (above), Anish Kapoor, Robert Frank, Jeff Koons, Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama.

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Black photography magic

Chicago Reader

Paul Octavious

Paul Octavious talks about how he came up with Black Archivist, a donation-based photography project designed to get cameras into the hands of Black people. “As a human race, we are more visual,” he said. “That’s what happened with George Floyd: People saw this Black man not breathing, with someone’s knee on his neck. I think people had to see it in order to [believe it].”

The project is also meant to uplift Black photographers, share their work and create a network of support.

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Photographs by Tom Wood that show the changing cultural landscape of Liverpool over two decades

Creative Boom

Tom Wood, courtesy RRB Photobooks

A new book, “101 Pictures,” showcases photographer Tom Wood’s most celebrated photography of streets, pubs, workplaces, parks and markets in the northwest region of England. The book explores Wood’s experimentations with several cameras and films, print papers and textures.

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