Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our favorites.

Scenes from the 2020 Tour de France

The Atlantic

After being delayed for more than two months due to COVID-19, the Tour de France kicked off August 29, 2020 in France. The tour — which covers a distance of approximately 8,165 miles (3,484 km) — concludes on September 20 in Paris. In this photo essay, photographs from the first 17 stages are showcased.

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The campaign photos we’re missing this year — and why it matters


John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, campaign in New York City in 1960. Cornell Capa / Magnum Photos.

Due to COVID-19, traditional presidential campaigns are things of the past. With both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden campaigning, there are things that are obviously missing. Handshake lines, holding babies, taking selfies are no longer present. “We aren’t seeing the lighter moments behind the scenes,” writes Kyle Almond. “Everything feels distant and detached.”

In this photo essay, Almond spotlights several past photographs taken on the campaign trail, and discusses why these missed moments matter.

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David Yarrow’s photography: Where reality and fantasy coalesce


The Cure, Serengeti, Tanzania, 2020. Photo by David Yarrow.

British photographer David Yarrow is profiled, who aims to capture both the natural world and one of fantasy. His work is truly stunning, capturing emotion in scenes you wouldn’t otherwise think was possible, and seeking out subjects in remote locations.

Summing up his photography, Yarrow states, “I think that black and white is a perception rather than reality, and maybe sometimes we need a little less reality.”

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A new photo project explores the empty spaces left by lockdown


Photo by Tom Skipp

A new photo project by Bristol-based photographer Tom Skipp seeks to make people think about others. “Empty Communities” showcases spaces that were typically busy with people, only to now be empty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As our world became narrower and it was essential to stay indoors, it made me think about people that didn’t have much space and the buildings that would normally provide sanctuary,” Skipp said in an interview with HYPEBEAST.

Skipp’s project includes empty classrooms, basketball courts, gymnasiums, playgrounds, town halls, theaters and more.

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