Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our most notable finds.

Foreboding orange skies cast more than a pall over Northern California

National Geographic

Photographers on the west coast are doing their best to destruction the destruction left by wildfires. In this piece by National Geographic, photographs from Northern California are highlighted.

Several photos of the wildfires have featured a dark orange glow, caused by smoke particles filtering out the colors that form the spectrum of visible light. Because red and orange have longer wavelengths, they often break through the filter, and are observed by thick smoke.

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KC Chiefs photographer documents sports history in the making


Kansas City Chiefs photographer Steve Sanders is profiled. The former hobbyist has been with the team officially since 1998 as a freelancer, capturing every game as well as several off-the-field events. In 2012, he was named chief photographer.

He discusses how he got started with photography as a teenager, as well as what it’s like to photograph a professional football game. He discusses managing a team of photographers, as well as his other responsibilities on game day.

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Photographer Tyler Mitchell captures the joys of being young and Black in America


Photo by Tyler Mitchell

In his first monograph, photographer Tyler Mitchell showcases Black youth at play. The Georgia-born photographer has recently made a name for himself through “his delicate, varied expressions of Black life.” He’s photographed for Vogue, i-D, GQ and several others.

In Mitchell’s words, the images are meant to show “what a Black utopia looks like or could look like.” It features Black youths having fun in their communities — things like hula hooping, skateboarding and eating gummi bears, in a colorful style that lends to the fun nature of the photographs.

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The day Homer J. Simpson taught us about photography

Medium / Federico Alegria

Who would’ve thought that a show like “The Simpsons” could teach us about backing up our photos? In this story on Medium, author Federico Alegria discusses the episode “Homerazzi,” in which character Homer Simpson nearly burns down the family home. It leads to the family photo album — which was in a safe with flammable materials — being reduced to ashes.

Homer then went on a spree of recreating some of the most memorable photographs, in which he captures a few things outside of just his family … and in turn becomes a paparazzi.

The episode is interesting not only because of its lessons regarding backup, but also its ethical discussion surrounding questionable photographs.

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