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Nat Geo photographers recall their favorite shots on Endangered Species Day

National Geographic

In celebration of the 15th Endangered Species Day, National Geographic asked some of their photographers to remember some of the rare moments they’ve photographed over the years. Each photographer is participating in a new project to raise awareness of threatened species across the globe, with the public voting on their “New Big 5” — the threatened animals they choose to shoot with a camera rather than a gun.

Throughout the article, photographers are interviewed about their moments capturing the animals, as well as the endangerment that surrounds those species. Everything from photos with giraffes to pangolins are discussed. Read more >

Lead photo by Ami Vitale for National Geographic

Check out these dramatic quarantine self-portraits taken by professional photographers


Anna Marina Savvidis works with several photographers, creating a project that highlights the people behind the camera, with unique self-portraits during isolation.

Photo by Scott Suchman

Says photographer Scott Suchman, “It took two months of no work to turn me into my dog. My life now is nothing more than walks, naps, meals and the occasional belly rub from my wife.”

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, this is a great piece to get your mind flowing. Read more >

North Dakota artists use early form of photography to capture quarantine project

Grand Forks Herald

A group of photographers in North Dakota have started a project that involves keepsakes. Utilizing wet plate photography techniques, the photographers collaborate with each other by mailing objects back and forth for a photo exchange.

Known for her ornate vintage hat business called High Hat Couture, Kary Janousek took on wet plate photography after being introduced to it by Shane Balkowitsch in Bismarck. Nostalgic Glass / Special to the Forum

By incorporating the objects into several scenes, the photographs are able to create one-of-a-kind photographs that look like they’re from the early days of photography, when in fact, they were taken during the coronavirus quarantine. Read more >

Astrid Kirchherr: Beatles photographer dies aged 81

BBC News

The photographer best known for capturing the early days of The Beatles — Astrid Kirchher — died Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at the age of 81.

She took the first photo of the band in 1960, and is credited with helping to develop their visual style as a group.

A selection of her photographs were displayed in Liverpool in 2010, and also released in a book, “Astrid Kirchherr, A Retrospective.” Read more >