From our Photofocus family to yours, we wish you a very, merry Christmas. We hope you will spend time to enjoy the holiday season safely with your loved ones. And of course, with a camera in hand!

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To help get you started on your Christmas photos, here are some great tips:

5 tips for photographing during the holidays - Earlier this week Bryan Esler posted an article about Getting Creative on Christmas Morning. Here are a few more tips that may add something different and fun to your holiday photos. 1. Think Outside of the Gift-Wrapped Box Have you seen those cardboard glasses that make your tree lights look like mini snowmen, Santas or Christmas […]
Portrait Tips: Build a scene with Lume Cubes & holiday lights - Holiday lights are so cool. If the tree didn’t dry out and start dropping needles, I think I’d petition my wife to leave them set up all year. They just give such a terrific mood. It’s because they have a warm tone and because they are so spread out they make a very soft light. […]
Easy Christmas setups for no-stress family photos - I love Christmas photos as much as the next person, but sometimes less is more. A playful, subtle approach to Christmas photos will get you what you need for your family Christmas cards and give you some shots to update the photo album at the same time. Plus, it’s an easy activity to entertain the […]
Have a very macro Christmas - Have you ever grabbed your camera and macro lens at Christmas and captured the tiny, beautiful and sparkly details of your Christmas decorations? Capture the spirit of Christmas in macro — beautiful colors and details. Capture memories of each Christmas to preserve or just share. Get in close Get in close and grab the detail, […]
Capturing the holiday spirit through festive food photos - It’s that time of year again! While things might be a little quieter than previous years, it doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate the little things like friends, family and of course, food. Capture festive food fotos with all that sparkles, glistens and shines with a few fantastic ideas below. You don’t have to bring […]
Give your bokeh Christmas flair with this DIY lens filter - Feeling crafty? This easy lens modifier is a fun one for the holidays and only takes a few minutes to prepare. Bonus: Your kids will love it! I love shooting wide open to capture beautiful bokeh behind my subject: The blurry, out of focus blobs that are characteristic of wide apertures. Bokeh take on the […]