It’s that time of year again! While things might be a little quieter than previous years, it doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate the little things like friends, family and of course, food.

Capture festive food fotos with all that sparkles, glistens and shines with a few fantastic ideas below. You don’t have to bring the big guns out — mobile cameras these days are fantastic too.


Capture the action of dusting baked treats with icing sugar. Remember to use a slower shutter speed for soft dreamy effects. Or, speed the shutter up to get more action.


Add in some pretty LED lights or Christmas lights for some sparkly bokeh in your shots. Slightly darker lighting helps amplify the lights.


Grab a spray bottle with water and gently spray on fruit for that just picked, farm-fresh look. Lovely natural light works well with this too.

Don’t forget — once you’ve captured all this yummy food, sit back, relax and enjoy it with good friends or family.