I love Christmas photos as much as the next person, but sometimes less is more.

A playful, subtle approach to Christmas photos will get you what you need for your family Christmas cards and give you some shots to update the photo album at the same time. Plus, it’s an easy activity to entertain the kids and enjoy some low-pressure holiday fun!

Find some evergreen foliage and decorate it with baubles

Nothing says Christmas like evergreen foliage. I live in Australia, and in our local botanic garden we found these stunning ground cover evergreens, flourishing beautifully in the summer heat. With a cheap packet of baubles (or ornaments) and a rug, it took just a few minutes to set up this spot for my Christmas bub.

An ancient, giant pine tree will look just as Christmassy as a perfectly conical one (and where I live, you have to special order that variety!) so look for the foliage rather than the tree.

Who says it has to be pine at all? This ivy archway gives the lush greens and was just as fun for my little guy to decorate.

Finding the magic of the season is easy with no fuss and minimal props. Have fun with it, and your kids will too. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about!