As with any genre, the best landscape photos are powerful and impactful. It’s not enough that they have beautiful colors or showcase locations that are stunning on their own. Skillful landscape photographers make clever use of composition, natural elements, light and editing to elevate their work. How exactly can you do these if you’ve just started out? Today’s quick tips will help you practice more mindfully in your next landscape shoot.

Among the questions that UK-based landscape photographer Nigel Danson gets asked a lot is how he takes his work up a notch. Learning is a continuous process for all creative minds, so it’s always worthwhile to learn about the techniques that photographers like him picked up along the way. So, he put together a compilation of seven tips that he believes landscape photographers of all levels can make use of.

Many of these landscape tips point to improvements in composition. For example, impactful landscape photos lead the eyes to the main subject or the most interesting elements in the frame. Alternately, they may also lead the eyes around the frame to tell a story or create a visual journey. Creative and decisive use of lighting and/or color is also an effective way to achieve this.

Editing is also crucial to creating exceptional landscape photos. Skillful editing means being able to apply a mood that fits the location and composition. It makes a big difference in the impact of your shots, and sets your perspective apart from the most common angles and compositions.

Have you tried any of these tips to level up your landscape photography? Are there any tricks that should be on this list? Share your insights and ideas in the comments below, or drop by our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!