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landscape photography tips

Landscape photography gear: Five things to get you started
Why a 50mm lens is all you need for landscape photography
Improve your landscape photos with these camera settings
Tips for using a telephoto lens for landscape photography
Quick tips for selling landscape photo prints
Avoid these traps of boring landscape photos
Nail long exposure landscape photos with these easy tips
Top seven landscape photography mistakes you can avoid today
How to master light for spectacular landscape photos

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5 Traps to Avoid Taking BORING Landscape Photos - youtube

Avoid these traps of boring landscape photos

Not too long ago, we shared seven of the most common mistakes that landscape photographers typically do, whether they’re new to the craft or a little further along. Today, let’s take a quick dive into more things to avoid so

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7 SIMPLE ways to MASTER LIGHT in your PHOTOGRAPHY - youtube

How to master light for spectacular landscape photos

Since photography is essentially working with and capturing light, mastering light is one of the fundamental skills that will let you to achieve outstanding photos. Of course, that includes landscape photography applications. It can be especially challenging since unlike studio

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Astrophotography Mistakes Beginners Make - youtube

Astrophotography mistakes beginners usually make

There’s no question that astrophotography is one of the most interesting genres to get into. Photographing deep sky objects is especially exciting and rewarding, whether you’re a beginner or already years into it. However, to be able to make the

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Fun with a fisheye: The Sigma 15mm f/2.8

“Fisheye lenses are gimmicks.” Lots of photographers think so. Most have never used one, but I don’t travel without one. The 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens from Sigma is less than three inches in diameter and length. It weighs in at

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Free photoshoots: Why do I do them?

This image that you see right here — the cover one — is a photo I took with a triathlon athlete for her blog. Did I get money for that? No. Am I happy with that? Yes. Will I do

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Julie Powell - Rose Red (1 of 1)

Why are passion projects so important?

Why are passion projects so important? I really don’t think it matters what genre you photograph, or even what sort of creative you actually are. Photographer, videographer, musician, painter, sculpture, writer … if you are of the creative type, I am

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