Every landscape photographer will eventually have a favorite location or two where they feel comfortable and inspired. However, with so many stunning places around the world to photograph, shooting somewhere or something new is inevitable. Sounds like something you’re planning to do? Today’s landscape photography tip will inspire you to make the most out of it!

In the video above, Lake District landscape photographer Chris Sale shared some insights on stepping out of his comfort zone with a recent shoot. He traveled to St. Bees beach in north England to do seascape photography during sunset. All these, he said, he doesn’t really do a lot. So, he needed to address a lot of elements and factors in the environment to make sure he gets some great shots.

One of his great landscape photography tips in a situation like this is to stick to your strengths. Even if you’re totally not used to working in a new place, you can definitely look for familiar scenes and elements. These will help you to come up with compositions without overthinking them.

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