We’ve already placed the spotlight on some of the weirdest lenses out there. You might be wondering, what about about the strangest cameras? Well, we’ve just found a camera that definitely fits the bill: The Fujifilm Rensha Cardia BYU-N 16.

In the video above, Taylor Noel introduces us to this weird and wonderful shooter. This 35mm, multi-lensed, point-and-shoot film camera was released in 1995 as an update to the original 8-lensed Rensha Cardia. He tells us a bunch of interesting details about it, the most obvious of which are its 16 lenses. It also has two shutter buttons, one of which fires the shutter in rapid succession. This creates — you guessed it — a mini movie. 

A closer look at the Fujifilm Rensha Cardia BYU-N 16 gives us a clue to the target market of this unusual camera: golfers. Yep, it’s next to the camera name itself and one of the shutter buttons even resembles a golf ball. How Fujifilm came up with the idea to create and market a camera specifically for golfers is anyone’s guess. But hey, at least it’s now a collectible, a GIF maker for film photographers, and possibly a conversation starter!

Do you still have this camera or have shot with the Fujifilm Rensha Cardia BYU-N 16 in the past? Tell us about it in the comments below, or even start a discussion in the Photofocus Community film photography group!