Are you a fan of unusual lenses and vintage lenses or just curious about adopting different lenses to your digital camera? With different adapters for various mounts now available, it’s a lot easier to experiment with weird lenses or special lenses. So, if you’ve taken an interest in them, now is the best time to get your hands on one or two!

In the video above, Paris-based Mathieu Stern shared five interesting “weird lenses” that we could easily adapt to digital cameras today. Some of these are also iconic on their own, and are even rare today. They are also underrated for qualities like sharpness and bokeh. It’s great to see “weird lens” enthusiasts like him bringing attention to these gorgeous glass. The vintage lenses, for example, would be largely forgotten in the digital age. We have photographers like him to thank for giving ideas on how we can give them a second lease on life.

Aside from sample photos, Stern also included some sample footage taken with these lenses. It should be interesting for filmmakers or content creators since many vintage lenses are becoming popular for achieving a dreamy, retro look for videos.