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film photography

Film photography basics: Should you overexpose your film?
How to develop Kodak VISION3 cine film at home
Awesome panoramic photos with a Horizon 202 film camera
Film comparison: Kodak Ultramax 400 vs. Fuji Superia 400
How to create stunning double exposures with film cameras
Developing 70-year-old film from a 90-year-old camera
Otherworldly snaps taken with Kodak Aerochrome film
Using constant lighting for shooting film in low light locations
Polaroid SX-70: The camera that changed photography
Film photography disappointments and how to fix them
How to use the Sunny 16 Rule for film photography
Behind the scenes: How Kodak film is made

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New to film photography? A few potential disappointments + fixes - youtube

Film photography disappointments and how to fix them

If you’re new to film photography, you’re guaranteed to run into some disappointments that may discourage you from shooting more of it. Maybe you’ve seen another film photographer’s work that has led you to have some expectations, but your results

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Sunny 16, a film photographer's cheat code. - youtube

How to use the Sunny 16 Rule for film photography

With film photography still increasingly popular today among younger photographers, it can be daunting (and at times, frustrating) to shoot precious film and get properly exposed photos. This is especially the case if you have a manual camera that requires

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Kodak: Behind the Scenes - youtube

Behind the scenes: How Kodak film is made

Many decades after the decline of film photography, Kodak remains one of the most enduring photography companies and brands. This is largely due to the continuing resurgence of film photography among the younger generation, kept alive by communities and media

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Shooting Fashion Portraits on Film vs Digital (Mamiya RZ67 & Sony A7iii) - youtube

Fashion portrait shootout: Mamiya RZ67 vs. Sony a7 III

Film photography continues to be increasingly popular for portrait photography. So, it’s not surprising to find more and more photographers using both film and digital for their projects. One for convenience, the other for its nostalgic visual quality. If you’re

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Still life settings to get you started

Learning a different genre of photography, or especially your first, there is often the angst about what settings to use, but it really does not have to get complicated. First, with still life photography, your subject is not going anywhere.

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Sony announces 14mm f/1.8 G Master lens

This morning, Sony introduced the FE 14mm f/1.8 G Master lens — a compact, large F1.8 aperture, ultra-wide angle lens that allows users to capture the world with new perspectives by delivering sharp resolution from corner to corner with little

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The 2 BEST Lenses for Astrophotography? - youtube

Two best lenses for astrophotography

Getting started with astrophotography? One of the things you’re most likely wondering about is the right gear for the job. These include the best lenses you should have for best results. If you’re already doing other kinds of photography, chances

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Sharpen before printing Xpozer

Sharpen before making prints

Sharpening RAW files before editing is required. So is sharpening a finished file before it is printed. Xpozer, one of our partners here at Photofocus, absolutely recommends a medium amount of sharpening for every photograph they print. They know that

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