Photos should be for memories. Mylio Photos is designed to let you access your photos from everywhere, and the Calendar view is a delightful way to take a trip down memory lane from any of your Mylio-connected devices.

If you haven’t tried Mylio yet, getting set up is straightforward. If you’ve never started a 3-2-1 backup system for your photos (you wild thing, you) then Mylio is going to be your new best friend. It’ll help you get all your photos organized and protected, no matter the device they’re on.

The Calendar feature is just one of the organizational tools in Mylio, and in this article we’re going to take a dive into how it works.

Viewing photos in Calendar mode in Mylio Photos

In the top bar of Mylio Photos you’ll find the Calendar module, right next to All Photos. Calendar sorts your photos by timestamp, with each year, month and day expandable.

mylio photos calendar view
Sorting photos by date is done automatically in Mylio Photos Calendar mode.

Going back in time is as easy as scrolling: Zoom level in the right sidebar controls the thumbnail size, so you can go back through your entire collection quickly.

Using Calendar in Mylio Photos to gather photos by year or month     

Other than taking a trip down memory lane, the Calendar feature of Mylio Photos has the power to help you reorganize your photos on disk, from wherever they are stored. In other words, you can gather all photos from 2020 and move them to one single folder on your hard drive, with just a few clicks. That means every photo stored across all your tablets, phones, laptops, computers and drives: Instantly organized.

boys rainforest winter
Backing up your mobile phone photos to your own hard drive without using a cloud service is a key attraction of Mylio Photos for many photographers.

To do this, start in the Calendar tab and click on a year (or month) and then find the Show All button in the top right corner. Click this and it will toggle to photo mode, showing all photos in that year/month. Select all, and right click to select Move to Folder. You can then select a folder on your hard drive to move all photos too.

This is a great way to organize those massive DCIM folders on your mobile phone into dated folders on your hard drive. You can also use Mylio Photos Albums to save collections without changing their location on disk.

If you find a photo with the wrong timestamp (scanned historical photos, for example), Mylio Photos makes it easy to correct this, too. Simply click on the photo, open the right sidebar and in the Info tab, update the Timestamp.

Using Calendar to create Events for groups of photos

Mylio Photos has another feature that pairs well with Calendar: Events. Events are like Albums in Mylio Photos, in that they do not duplicate your photos or move them on disk. When you create an Event, you specify a date or date range. Mylio Photos gathers all photo within that range into the custom Event.

For example, you could create an Event in Mylio Photos for your family holiday. With all your devices synced in your Mylio database, Mylio will auto-add photos from every device to the Event. (Mylio can even grab data from a synced calendar such as Google Calendar, automatically creating matching Events to sort your photos.)

boys summer water slide
Mylio Photos Events can be linked to seasons, whole months, specific dates and times, as well as synced from a connected calendar such as Google Calendar.

To create an Event, select the year, month or day that you want to add the Event to. Then in the left sidebar, find the Info tab and click the + button next to Events.

You can add all the details of the Event here. Choose the relevant time range, title, category for filtering, description and so on. The Event then displays on the Calendar as a bar across the day range you specify. Click it to view a slideshow of your photos and more!

Mylio Photos adding event
Creating an Event in Mylio Photos allows the program to automatically add photos in the specified date range to the event, from any device.

Mylio Photos gives you different ways of exploring your photos and rediscovering memories. With a large photo collection across may machines and devices, the setup can take some time. It’s worth it to have everything in one place.

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