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Jemma Pollari

Lightroom might be eating up your hard drive space
Is there a place for photography in the NFT scene? An interview with an artist
Manage multiple brands with Adobe Spark to create assets with ease
Use local masking in LuminarAI with transparent overlays to create layered special effects
The windows to the soul: Enhancing the eyes of your subject with LuminarAI
Mobile Mondays: Copy your photos from your camera to your phone, without using a computer
Creating Valentine’s themed macros and flat lays for fun and profit
Mobile Mondays: Photographing heart-shaped bokeh for a fun Valentine’s phone background
Simulate golden hour haze with off-camera flash for a whimsical forest portrait
Mobile Mondays: This Samsung camera feature can mimic the filter on any photo
Mobile Mondays: Speed up your mobile editing with DIY Lightroom presets
Tips for capturing images with a DIY bokeh modifier

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