Understanding Lightroom catalogs

Remember back in our school days, when we had to look up something in our school’s library? We relied on the Dewey Decimal System, basically a reference that told us

Read This Before Updating Your Lightroom Catalog

When you go to install the Lightroom Classic update, your existing Lightroom catalog is going to go through a significant upgrade process.  This process WILL take longer (even a lot longer) than

Lightroom FAQ: The Catalog Panel

This is an often misunderstood or completely overlooked panel, but it has some useful functions once you take a closer look. The most important thing to know about this panel

Merging Lightroom Catalogs in 5 Easy Steps

I have two computers – a beautiful 5K iMac at my studio, and a MacBook Pro that I travel with. My schedule can get crazy, especially when I’m traveling 2-3 weeks in a given month. It’s not practical to take my entire photo library with me when I travel, so I often find myself creating a temporary catalog on my laptop and merging it with my main catalog back at the studio.

Where Should I Keep My Lightroom Catalog?

Keeping your Lightroom catalog safe is essential to preserving your hard work. After all, your catalog contains your organization (and possibly the bulk of your edits). The Quick Answer on