Wacom announced their new range of entry level Intuos Pen & Touch tablets consisting of four models: Intuos Draw, Intuos Art, Intuos Photo and Intuos Comic. Each model includes creative software as well as additional training and service offers.

A graphics tablet (also called pen tablets), allows a person to draw by hand using a pen shape tool called a Stylus. Using a pen instead of a mouse to draw made graphics tablet a hit with graphic artist. They quickly replaced their mouse with a comfortable stylus.

I didn’t think I needed a tablet until Lightroom appeared.

I started my career as a Photographer learning how to use Photoshop to edit my images. As hard as I tried, I wasn’t a graphic artist, so I didn’t think I needed a tablet plus I wasn’t using Photoshop enough to justify the cost. It wasn’t until Lightroom with all of its glorious adjustments brushes was developed that caused me to make the leap. Like the graphic artist, I’ve replaced my mouse with a stylus as a drawing tool. When I need to selectively make an adjustment to an image, I use an Adjustment Brush with its pressure sensitive settings. I can paint an effect with my stylus and control how much of the effect I add by changing how hard I press on the tablet. This allows me to make precise edits.

Which Intuos Tablet is right for you?

It took me a little while to understand the difference between each Intuos Tablet. After a little digging, I realized the main difference between the 4 tablets is the extra software that’s included. The exception, the Intuos Artwhich is available in a Medium size.

  • Intuos Draw: for beginners with a passion for creativity. With access to ArtRage Lite and free tutorials, users can quickly develop from an amateur to talented artist through this easy-to-use pen tablet and software. The Intuos Draw is available in small (white and blue) pen only versions.
  • Intuos Art: for users with more advanced painting and artistic skills. Offering a realistic painting experience, users can explore the wide variety of painting styles and brushes available on the pen tablets free accompanying software package – Corel Painter Essentials. Available in small (black and blue) and medium (black and blue).
  • Intuos Photo: for photo editors who want to try new creative techniques or add text to an image to make it more personal. Whether removing clutter, improving color and tone or even compositing images, the pressure sensitive pen offers a new level of accuracy and control. With a few simple techniques, even pictures taken on a phone or mobile device can be elevated to be proudly shared with friends, family and fans. Available in small (black), the Intuos Photo is accompanied by Corel PaintShop Pro and Corel AfterShot Pro for Windows users, and Macphun Creative Kit and Corel AfterShot Pro for Mac users.
  • Intuos Comic: for comic and manga lovers. Providing everything a comic or manga artist needs, this tablet is essential for creating iconic characters and digital sketching, coloring and inking. Once created, digital comic creations can easily be shared with friends and fellow fans to help developing artists break into the scene and get noticed. The Intuos Comic is available in small (black and blue). Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio are available to download free with this tablet.

I can see these tablets being great for first time users, hobbyist and those who can’t justify the cost of the Intuos Pro versions. The Pro versions retail between $249.95 and $499.95, while the Intuos Draw retails for $69.95, with Intuos Art, Intuos Photo and Intuos Comic retailing for $99.95. Intuos Art also comes in a medium size which retails for $199.95 making the entire line affordable.

*Feature image Wacom