Would you believe me if I said Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year to shop? :) Now I get what your thinking, “what girl doesn’t love shopping,” but what if I said I love shopping at the Halloween store for things that I use year-round in my photography? Would you believe me now? Guys, I am 100% serious! Here are the four things I get every year in bulk from my local Halloween store.

Top four things


If you don’t own a fog machine you are truly missing out. The effect it has in images is incredible and one of my favorites. Plus fog on the porch makes all the trick-or-treaters think your house is the coolest. 

UV paint

I am obsessed with my black light lately and every year the Halloween store comes out with some cool UV paint. This year I picked up these pinpoint paints that I am loving, they draw incredible lines. 


Halloween stores are notorious for having random little light sticks, finger rings or glow sticks for kids to use while going trick-or-treating. They are perfect for photographers they are small compact and generally, they have multiple settings and colors. Great for light painting


Guys Halloween store makeup is some of my favorite. They have crazy colors, elaborate eyelashes, glitter, creams and powders. It’s a dream!


Every year I hit up the Halloween store multiple times during October. First, I have to get there right when they open so I can scope out the new things make my must-have lists. I do a mid-month run to see what is selling. If I notice what I am wanting is selling quickly I might purchase it then just to make sure I get it, but then I always do an after Halloween day run. The stores instantly cut their prices in half or more making everything on my list incredible cheap, just how I like it! Every year I walk away with something new and creative to add to my photography husky and I love it.

So November 1, mark your calendars and make your lists, because we are going shopping!