I’m a big fan of Mosaic (and it’s not just because they partner with us on Photofocus). I’ve been using their software and tools from the very beginning.

Mosaic just made their service a must have for everyone who uses Lightroom (I’ve got a full review coming soon). But I wanted to tell you about a great deal ASAP.

Deal #1 The Plugin is 100% Free

Get the Lightroom Plugin at ZERO cost here.

Once you install it, it will sync whichever photos you tell it to your Google Drive. You get 15GB on Google Drive (enough to hold about 30,000 photos) and 1TB of storage is $10 a month. You choose what syncs… only your best images, your newest, collections, smart collections, or the whole enchilada.

What you can do with the synced images?

  • Access them from Google Drive.
  • See them all within the Photos tab of Google+ (as well as share)
  • View your library from any smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

Download the plugin now and install it… it’s easy and free http://www.mosaicarchive.com/mosaic-online-image-storage-support/mosaic-downloads/.

Deal #2 Buy the App Once and Never Pay Again

If you own an IOS device, Mosaic has an awesome app. It makes it easy to view all your photos on your phone, as well as integrate them with other apps on the go. The best part though is rating and flagging your Lightroom library on the go.

(Imagine standing in line and the grocery story and getting that last shoot processed). The app and plugin work seamlessly and automatically update whenever you have Lightroom running.

The app is normally $25 a year… but if you buy before 8/1… there’s no annual fee.

Buy once… use again and again.

Trust me on this… a GREAT deal. Lot’s of other folks think so too… The Top 3 Photo apps were from Apple, Adobe, then Mosaic. I’ll have my full review and walkthrough soon. In the meantime a short video on how to use it.

Psst…. Here’s 5 free codes for the app store. You can enter these in the redeem section. First come, first served.