Earlier this week, photography educator Joel Grimes hosted a free photography business masterclass. If you weren’t able to tune in, today, Friday, June 28, 2019 is your last chance to watch it and get two gifts for free!

On the webinar, Joel discussed topics such as:

  • Why do 89% of all students graduating with a college degree in photography fail to work in their field?
  • How to create exquisite photography and make money doing what you love.
  • The powerful system to save the aspiring photographer years of learning and tens of thousands of dollars in education.
  • How to create a body of work in a series so everyone will know who you are and get your photography noticed.
  • How to get photography gigs and make money doing what you love.

You can rewatch now by clicking here.

You’ll also receive two bonus gifts — Joel’s “Behind the Lens” process and his “Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Photographer” eBook.

Lead photo by Joel Grimes