Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington answer viewers photography questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

1. Michael in Cincinnati, OH

I am a hobbyist photographer and recently decided to calibrate my monitor. I used a Spyder5Pro and after calibration the colors on my monitor have a very slight magenta look to them. I did multiple calibrations and even calibrated another computer in the same lighting conditions, yet I got the same result. Is this normal? Should I even bother calibrating my monitor given that most of my images are being viewed in digital form on displays I have no control over? I am not printing.

2. Matt in Ontario, CA

My question is, from a business perspective, what is the proper etiquette for photographers seeking locations, permissions, and permits. Should money be exchanged for locations, or is asking permission and giving credit appropriate. And I’m sure shooting on private property is much different than shooting on public property.

3. Casey in Toledo, OH

I am photographing graffiti on walls for reproduction on art prints and I need to get top to bottom, side to side tack sharp focus on the entire wall. Any suggestions?

4. Cindy in Hollywood, CA

I am photographing groups of 40-50 people for work. I am looking for tips that will help me get everyone in the shot and in focus. So far my early attempts are boring even when they work.

5. Brad in Atlanta, GA

I would like to know if in your opinion it’s worth buying old film lenses and trying to adapt them to work on modern digital cameras.

6. Heath in Los Angeles, CA

Since so many of today’s digital cameras are “weatherproof” is there any need to buy old fashioned rain gear for my cameras? I shoot landscapes in all sorts of weather and have just purchased a weatherproof camera but wanted to know if you think the extra protection is worth the investment.

7. Ray in Orlando, FL

I have heard Scott say he’s not a fan of Sony cameras but I know that Richard uses them (at least for video) and not trying to start a war here or anything but would love a little back and forth between you two as to why/why not.

8. Evan in Everett, WA

I noticed that Fuji is bringing out a medium format mirrorless camera. What is the difference between 50mp on that camera and 50mp on some of the big name DSLRs. Also what would be the use for such a camera and what are the trade offs when shooting with that format?

9. Dan in Chicago, IL

I see that the Photofocus team regularly attends or speaks at the major photo trade shows like PPA, WPPI and PPE. Are such shows really that helpful and do you think they are still relevant? Would a similar financial investment in other forms of education and networking pay off?

10. John in Omaha, NE

I am stuck trying to find interesting photographic subjects. When I was new at photography everything seemed interesting. Now, especially living in Nebraska, I am bored out of my mind. How do you stay engaged and interested in photography when there’s nothing of interest around you to shoot?

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