What's on your mind? Send in questions for the next Photofocus Q&A Podcast

Have Your Questions Answered on the Q&A Podcast

We want your questions about photography! What photo topic poses a burning desire to learn more about it–Lighting?, Lenses? Posing? Post production? Or…? Ron Pepper and I are holding an

Q and A Podcast: What questions do you want answered?

This upcoming podcast, Richard and I will sit down to go over several reader’s questions. Anything regarding gear, business questions, recent photography news, lighting and more. If there’s something you

Get Your Questions in for the Next Q&A Podcast

Now’s your chance, we’re getting ready to record several Question & Answer podcasts. Ask whatever photography question you always wanted to know. What burning question do you need an answer

Q&A: onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9

A few months ago, I was in a hangout with Matt Kloskowski and Richard Harrington discussing some of the new features of onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9 (click here to