This week’s podcast interviews photographer Chris Smith. Chris is a Chicago based photographer and an expert and understanding light.

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Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a Chicago photographer who splits his time between being a high school physics teacher. Chris’s understanding of light is a key factor to his amazing photos (and he shares great advice in this podcast). He also runs the website Out of Chicago which helps other photographers shoot Chicago.

Levi Sim and Chris Smith discuss:

  • Who is Chris Smith?
  • What does Chris do and what kind of photographer is he?
  • Why you should shoot whats around you
  • Chris’s guide to shooting Chicago
  • What are photographers missing in post processing?
  • The role of dodging and burning
  • What tools does Chris use to post process his images?
  • What gear is in Chriss bag?
  • His most important piece of gear.
  • Tips for shooting with tripods
  • The importance of setting your camera before you head out.
  • Using Live View on your camera
  • Using exposure simulation mode
  • Talking Filters
  • The Out of Chicago conference
  • Where can you find more about Chris?