On this #Inspiration “light” episode of the Photofocus podcast Scott and Marco discuss these topics:
  • Get to know an inspirational photographer: This month Scott introduces you to the portrait photographer Don Blair better known as Big Daddy. (1925 – 2004). Don was a portrait photographer who was known for his attention to detail and was beloved in the industry. Scott was fortunate to have met Don and learned about lighting and posing from him.
  • After some listener feedback, Scott and Marco decided to talk about light in photography in this show.
  • Did you have your photography break-through moment and have learned to “see and read light”?
  • Light the problem and also remember to subtract light when necessary.
  • Expose for the main subject and add light to your subject in order to subtract light from the unnecessary objects.
  • Marco shares an exercise that everyone can do at home in order to see how light position, angle and power can influence a faces appearance in a photo.
  • Scott talks about lighting styles and the quality of light.
  • Marco shares some info about the latest generation of strobes and small but flexible LED constant light sources.
  • Marco’s photo book of the month pick is: PICTURE PERFECT LIGHTING by Roberto Valenzuela To go along with our light in photography theme of this show. Roberto has created a truly original system for understanding and controlling light in photography. He discusses the universal nature of light and introduces the five key behaviors of light, which are essential to understanding in order to improve your knowledge of light. The book can be ordered at Rocky Nook for $39.99 ebook (there is a limited time coupon code: PPL15 that reduced the price to $15), for $49.95 print edition (limited time coupon code: PPL25 that reduced the price to $25) or $59.95 for both (limited time coupon code: PPL35 that reduced the price to $35): http://www.rockynook.com/shop/photography/picture-perfect-lighting/


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About this show:

On the monthly #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast, Scott and Marco will discuss the art, history and motivation in photography that often gets lost in today’s media rich world. Slow down, look closer and put more intent into photography to increase your creativity and final results. And simply spread the pure love of photography.


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