One of the most used tools on a Hollywood set, oh heck on any set, is the C-Stand. C in Roman numerals representing the numeral 100 is how the C-Stand got its name, 100’s of uses. When closed it’s 53″ high, it can be extended to 10’6″, it usually is ordered with a 40″ arm and Grip Head. The C-Stand is a very versatile tool in the photographer’s arsenal. Allow me to show you how to take advantage of the C-Stand. One way is a reflector holder:ReflectorYou simply secure a piece of foamcore or any material that you’re using to reflect light onto the talent. Rotate the 40″ arm into the correct position, secure it, and you’re good to go. This is a great time for me to share some of the correct ways to secure a C-Stand. First, you always adjust the arm so that when you tighten the handle, with the pull of gravity the arm tightens on itself:TightenAnother safety trick that too many people don’t do correctly is with sandbags:SandbagWhen placing a sandbag, you want to be sure that all the weight is on the leg of the C-Stand. Many people will secure a sandbag onto a stand but the base of the sandbag is on the ground displacing its weight onto the ground instead of on the stand. You can see here how all the weight is on the stand itself.