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Welcome to the Mind Your Own Business Podcast! Today we chat with photographer Karen Kuehn!

All images © Karen Kuehn
All images © Karen Kuehn

We discuss:

  • How Karen got her start in photography
  • Challenges of being a female in the industry
  • The role of relationship building, ask for help
  • How much things have changed in the industry (art directors, how companies use your images)
  • Tips on working quickly with difficult clients
  • The extremes of two lifestyles (farm girl in New Mexico vs chaos in New York modern) – finding sustainability
  • Balancing your mom life with career
  • Personal projects making a difference
  • Staying relevant in the industry
  • Working with teams and being an asset for your clients
  • Putting the work in and building a sustainable business
  • Advice for listeners wanting to get their start in photo or video while staying true to themselves
  • The importance of making a difference in your community


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