Tripods. There’s nothing really sexy about them, but they’re a necessary tool in any photographer’s bag. Whether you’re photographing portraits or landscapes, having a good, solid tripod is important.

We’ve tested out tons of tripods over the years, and we’ve gathered some of our favorites in the list below. Need more to choose from? Be sure to check out these tripod deals happening now!

Robus 5560 Vantage — Premium, lightweight and sturdy

You might not have heard of Robus, but they’re taking the tripod world by storm. The Robus 5560 Vantage is a solid and sturdy tripod, but still lightweight. And when fully extended, the Robus 5560 Vantage stands 60 inches tall. Here’s what Brett Day had to say in his review:

“Everything about this tripod feels premium and solid. The rubber used on the twist locks feels fantastic. The locks themselves are smooth to turn and are easy to use. The legs fold out easily and can be positioned without fuss. The rubber grips at the top of the legs feel nice in the hand and provide a nice place to hold the tripod when out in the cold. The tripod comes with rubber feet installed but you can change them out thanks to the included spikes.

“I would not hesitate to use the Robus 5560 Vantage out in the blowing wind, the rain or the snow. This tripod has been built to last.”

Brett Day

Platypod Ultra — Goes where no other tripod can

While not technically a tripod, the Platypod Ultra offers a base for you to attach a ball head to, creating a stable platform for your camera. There are a ton of different ways to balance or mount the camera, depending on your shooting style. And it comes in great for where tripods aren’t allowed — because it’s not a tripod! Here’s what Rich Harrington had to say in his review:

“I took the Platypod Ultra on the road for over a month. I shot with it under all sorts of conditions. I took it camping, to Disney World, on a car trip and just around town. Like previous generations, it completely met my expectations. I found it rock solid and easy to shoot from.”

Rich Harrington

Fotopro X-AIRCROSS 2 — Lightweight and stable

If you’re in need of a lightweight travel tripod, it’s hard to beat the Fotopro X-AIRCROSS 2. This tripod only weighs two pounds, and folds down to just over 14 inches, making it perfect to fit in your suitcase. And better yet, it can hold a weight significantly more than itself, with a weight capacity of 22 pounds. That’ll take almost every setup you can throw at it.

In my tests, I found this to be incredibly stable given the size, and was able to use it in windy conditions without a problem. Here’s what I had to say in my review:

“I can confidently say that this will be a tripod I’ll regularly use in the field — especially when my work involves travel or hiking to get to a view. The X-AIRCROSS 2 is perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight, compact tripod that offers a surprising amount of stability.”

Bryan Esler

Magnus Rex VT-5000 — Smooth fluid head perfect for video

If you’re looking for a video tripod that’s stable and offers smooth panning, look no further. The Magnus Rex VT-5000 is built like a tank, coming in at 11 pounds and extendability up to 64.25 inches. Here’s what John Bradford had to say in his review:

“Using this beast of a videography tripod is actually quite simple. Everything about it is smooth. From extending the legs to panning and tilting, you’ll find the tripod feels excellent.”

John Bradford

PGYTECH MantisPod Pro — Tabletop and handheld solution

The MantisPod makes mounting any camera or accessory easy, and handles heavy gear like a champ. The flip out hook helps you grip on to other objects, making for a secure hold. Here’s what Scott Wyden Kivowitz had to say in his review:

“I was pleased by how well it held a heavy camera and lens without any hiccups. That’s a tiny, but strong, ball head!”

Scott Wyden Kivowitz