The MantisPod Pro is a tabletop and handheld tripod unlike any other. It’s lightweight and extremely compact. As someone who regularly records vlogs and other videos on the go, I was intrigued by the concept of the PGYTECH MantisPod.

In fact, I am a regular user of the SwitchPod, which was created as a better alternative to the GorillaPod. While the SwitchPod makes going handheld to tripod quite literally a flick of the finger, it doesn’t do much more than that. Whereas the MantisPod can do a lot more, and in practically a smaller package. Not only does the MantisPod have a smaller footprint in your bag, but it’s lighter than the SwitchPod.

MantisPod Pro Handheld with camera and light

MantisPod Pro

  • Weight: 334g
  • Condensed Length: 10.2 inches
  • Comes with ball head

SwitchPod & ball head

  • Weight: 315g + 142g = 457g
  • Length: 9.6 inches + 2.7 inches = 12.3 inches
  • Ball head sold separate

With that shared, I have to restate something I’ve told people for some time now. I love the SwitchPod. But it may not be for everyone. Heck, many people still love their GorillaPods. But now there is a new option on the market worth considering. That’s what I am sharing with you now.

The MantisPod Pro is definitely way more than a tripod.

It can be used:

  • in a compact handheld mode
  • with 2 legs split for standing freely on a surface
  • with 1 of the legs separated further for a lower stance
  • while hung from a surface using tension and a small hook
  • while holding a camera
  • while holding a phone
  • while holding a light and/or microphone

This thing is so diverse. Have a look!

I was completely surprised by a few things within this tripod. First, I was not expecting three cold shoes to make mounting a camera or accessories so versatile. I also did not expect a phone mount to be tucked away, and Arca Swiss mountable.

Finally, I was pleased by how well it held a heavy camera and lens without any hiccups. That’s a tiny, but strong, ball head!

MantisPod Pro hanging on a glass wall
MantisPod Pro hanging on a glass wall

I cannot wrap this up without stating one area of disappointment. This might sound odd considering the selling point of this tripod — the mantis part. However, I was saddened that the flip-out hook was not very grippy. It’s small, with a tiny lip to hold in place, and does not actually clamp or secure to whatever it hangs on. Instead, it relies on physics using the two other legs and pressure from the weight of your camera to keep the hanging secure.

I mean — it works, but not like I expected it to.

MantisPod Pro hanging on my heavy bag
MantisPod Pro hanging on my heavy bag

Here it is hanging on my heavy bag. I trust it not to drop my Nikon Z 7II and lens, but I wouldn’t touch the bag at that moment.

With all of this said — if you are in the market for a new vlogging or tabletop tripod and deciding between the GorillaPod, SwitchPod or something else, then consider trying the MantisPod Pro. You might enjoy the experience you have with it.

PGYTECH MantisPod Pro Mini Camera & Cell Phone Tripod Stand

Unlock your creativity with the MantisPod Pro Tabletop Vlogging Tripod from PGYTECH. Combining a 360° mount, adjustable ball head, dovetail cold shoe mount, and various tripod leg configurations, this convertible tripod can quickly transform to give you seven different shooting mode options. This kind of versatility is ideal for recording vlogs or livestreaming, giving you standard and innovative camera angle options. The MantisPod Pro can be used with a smartphone via the holder built into one of the tripod legs, or a digital camera via the 1/4″ SnapLock plate.