You know we love Platypod, and right now is the best time to buy one and try it for yourself. The Black Friday deal is a free Multi Accessory Kit, which I use every time I go out shooting. It’s good for a few days, but hurry and order for quick delivery. You’re going to love it.

I love the 36” strap—it’s perfect for most applications like strapping to a tree or telephone pole or bridge railing. The spigot adapter is great for using a light on the Platypod. I use the silicone pad to keep Platypod in place on delicate surfaces (and I use it to keep my phone from sliding in my car!). The riser is great for getting better clearance with big ball head nobs, and for shooting vertically with smaller heads.

This is a great package, and bundling it free with a Platypod is a good value. It makes a great stocking stuffer. Enjoy!