When I found out I’d be getting the Magnus Rex VT-5000 video tripod in for review, I wasn’t sure what to expect. On paper, it sounded like a solid videography tripod. However, I’d never heard of Magnus Rex gear. I couldn’t wait to find out if it was any good.

I’ve been on the hunt to find a good video tripod. After spending some time with the Magnus Rex, I have to say it’s an impressive piece of gear. However, it does have some drawbacks depending on the use case. Let’s talk about who this videography tripod is for.


  • Build quality
  • Smooth fluid head action
  • Bowl Mount for head makes leveling a cinch
  • Comes with a nice carry bag
  • Removable rubber feet and spiked metal feet


  • Tilt drag is a bit heavy for smaller camera rigs

Magnus Rex VT-5000 2 Stage Video Tripod — Technical specifications

Magnus Rex VT-5000 Video Tripod

All technical specs are from the B&H product page:

  • Sliding Balance Plate
  • Supports up to 17 Pounds
  • 75mm Ball/Bowl
  • Fixed Counterbalance
  • Variable Fluid Tilt & Fixed Pan Drag
  • 2 x 1/4″-20 Accessory Mounting Holes
  • 29 to 64.25″ Height Range
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • Dual-Spiked Feet & Rubber Feet Included
  • Padded Bag with Shoulder Strap Included

Magnus Rex VT-5000 Video Tripod — Build quality and ergonomics

If you’re looking for a videographer’s tripod that’s built like a tank, look no further. The Magnus Rex VT-5000 is a serious piece of kit. It weighs in at just over 11 pounds and extends up to 64.25 inches tall. All that size and weight isn’t just for show either. This is a videography tripod that feels great to use.

When first setting the tripod up, you’ll notice how secure the latches and spreader mechanism feels. They say it can hold up to 17 pounds, and I don’t doubt that one bit. Even with both stages fully extended, the tripod is stable. Under those legs are a nice, wide set of rubber feet. However, you can remove those to reveal a well-built set of spiked feet. These are some serious spikes, too. They will dig in like a miner in the gold rush.

Fluid head

Magnus Rex VT-5000 Video Tripod

The fluid head of the Magnus Rex VT-5000 video tripod also shows some robust build quality. From the bolt that holds it on, to the sliding balance plate, it’s the real deal. The half-ball portion of the head seems to be aluminum and well-engineered. The quick-release plate is Arca-Swiss styled and locks firmly in place.

Even the sliding balance quick-release plate is nice. It comes set up to work with 3/8″ and 1/4″ sockets. On the sliding interface, there’s even a removable spring detent locking lug for cameras that can interface with those.

There are a few knobs on the Magnus Rex VT-5000 that are plastic. However, these still feel like they’re up to par. None of the plastic pieces feel flimsy or as if they’d break over time. All of the knobs, the handle and mounting points feel a class up from what the price would indicate.


Magnus Rex VT-5000 Video Tripod

Ergonomically, the Magnus Rex VT-5000 is a video tripod with a fluid head. Surprised? Opening the legs and locking the spreader into place is pretty standard. The latches on the leg stages feel positive and secure. The handle for the fluid head is sized appropriately for the tripod and has a nice soft-surface grip. Overall, it’s a pretty normal feeling video tripod.

My only real issue is the placement of the knob to tighten the quick-release plate. With my Lumix G9 aboard, the camera grip overhangs the side that the knob is on. That places the screw in between the handle for the head and the grip of the camera. This makes it a bit of a fuss to tighten.

Magnus Rex VT-5000 Video Tripod — In the field

Magnus Rex VT-5000 Video Tripod

This is the section of the review where you’ll learn if the Magnus Rex VT-5000 is the video tripod for you. Using this beast of a videography tripod is actually quite simple. Everything about it is smooth. From extending the legs to panning and tilting, you’ll find the tripod feels excellent. However, I did say it’s a beast.

If you’re looking for a “field” tripod, you may want to look at the Magnus Rex VT-5000’s little sibling, the VT-4000. This thing is heavy. At over 11 pounds, you won’t be strapping this to your camera bag and hiking it into the mountains very easily.

Also, with smaller camera rigs like my Lumix G9, the tilt axis is a little too stiff even when set to the lowest drag. Just for fun, I slapped my Mamiya RB67 on to see how it would deal with its roughly 8 pounds of girth. With the larger camera sitting on it, the drag felt a lot more acceptable.

For serious videography

Now if you’re looking for a killer on-set video tripod, take a close look here. The Magnus Rex VT-5000 is super smooth and solid as a rock. If you’re rocking a video rig over 10 pounds, this tripod will take it and ask for more. The fluid head really comes into its own with heavier systems on it.

The Magnus Rex VT-5000 handles silky smooth pans and tilts with aplomb. The adjustable drag on the tilt axis works beautifully with heavier camera rigs. The pan axis has a fixed setting, but I never felt the desire to change it. It’s also easy to lock the head down for completely static shots.

Having the bowl mount for the fluid head is awesome. Being able to quickly set up the legs and then level the head with the twist of a knob is great. Just loosen the knob under the head, level it out, and tighten it back up. The fluid head has a built-in bubble level, making level checks a breeze.

Magnus even offers an optional tripod dolly if you’re looking for a setup for solid tracking shots. On top of all that, it has two 1/4″-20 mounting points that come in handy for mounting monitors and accessories on articulating arms. Again, this is a real deal video tripod.

Magnus Rex VT-5000 — A heavy-hitting video tripod for the masses

The Magnus Rex VT-5000 video tripod may or may not be named after the behemoth dinosaur, but it’s certainly earned the moniker. It’s a big video tripod for big videography jobs. It’s impressive how well built it is, and it does this all at an affordable price point.

This is a high-quality video tripod that will serve the serious videographer well. It may not be the best for the run-and-gun crowd, but it will certainly serve on-set needs well. For those needing an affordable, stable, and smooth video tripod that won’t break the bank, the Magnus Rex VT-5000 may be the right one. In fact, it may be the best videography tripod in its price range.

Magnus REX VT-5000 2-Stage Video Tripod with Fluid Head

The Magnus REX VT-5000 2-Stage Video Tripod with Fluid Head is a heavy-duty tripod for heavy-duty videography. This package provides a robust and stable platform to shoot from. Its fluid head provides a silky smooth pan and tilt action. With both large rubber platform feet and spiked metal feet, the Magnus Rex VT-5000 is ready to shoot in any terrain. This videography tripod excels when handling heavy camera rigs. Beware if you intend to run a small mirrorless camera, the VT-4000 may be the better choice for you. However, if a bigger tripod is your game, this may be the best videography tripod in its price range.