You might have missed that the Photofocus team has been hard at work creating great presets for Lightroom. It’s part of our partnership with Mosaic (be sure to check out the Lightroom Learning Center).

Photofocus contributor Mykii Liu offers up one from his collection a beautiful black and white fashion preset called BWDrama Fashion. It’s totally free and you can get it here. (Plus don’t miss ones by Nicolesy, Levi Sim, Lisa Robinson and Rich Harrington that you can download here).

You can download this new preset here.


Ive always been a huge fan of black and white pictures especially classy, punchy and dramatic ones. As a portrait photographer, Im always looking for ways to add more drama, and perhaps fun, to a picture. This preset is one of my more dramatic ones, not to say that it is dramatic at all *sigh*, but it does help in bringing some punch to shadows and highlights. Use this preset on low key images shot in the studio, or even out doors. I feel that it works the best with lots of shadows and blacks. It has an off-black kick and a low highlight curve to it that tends to make it a little flat, so adjust your exposure to get the highlights to be where you feel best about them. Midtones will get silverish/gray on the screen, and prints super well on metallic paper, for those edgy punchy fashion pictures that you know youve been wanting to produce.