I feel like everyone is talking about how they switched to mirrorless lately, which is awesome considering I, too, shoot mirrorless. Lumix in the house! But that is beside the point. Let’s talk about why I decided to switch to Godox for my lighting setup about a year ago.

What is Godox?

Godox is a professional photo equipment manufacturer. They offer a full line of studio photography equipment, including studio flash and a portable power inverter, outdoor flashes, continuous lighting, studio flash accessories, camera flashes, macro lighting, Speedlite power pack, camera flash accessories, flash triggering and control system, along with many more accessories.

Why did I choose them?

There were three main reasons I went with Godox. First, I needed a system that was completely wireless/cordless. Cords are my nemesis and I despise them!

Second, everything I needed — like the accessories, softboxes, triggers, etc. — all fit within my budget. Trust me when I tell you it wasn’t a big number. I put aside $1,000 to get a new light setup, but the kicker comes in when I tell you the third requirement.

I needed my lights to feel like a Profoto setup. I had been renting my gear — which consisted of two Profoto B1X lights — for three years before this purchase. The B1X lights and myself were so in sync and they did such a great job at creating magic on set that I had anxiety for weeks leading up to this purchase,. But spending more than $4,000 to buy my own set outright almost put me in the looney bin! I couldn’t do that — I didn’t have the money to do so. So that’s where Godox came in!

What did I buy?

I chose to buy the AD600Pro Witstro All-In-One Outdoor Flash, which retails for $899. It has the same 9-stop range and similar power capacity as the B1X. The Godox is a little lighter in weight, which is perfect for a little-weight like myself.

The Godox uses a Bowens mount system, which that alone deserves a standing ovation, as there are many modifiers and accessories made for it. Lastly, the Godox system gives you the ability to expand your lighting line up in the future, giving a mixed light shooter like myself all the happy feels.

I also purchased the XT1T-0TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Transmitter for $46, and the P90L Parabolic Softbox for $69, bringing my total to a very affordable $1,044 folks!


Looking at my work from the last year you would never know that I switched lighting systems. The only place you’d see the difference is in my wallet! #winning :)

But you get my point, right? Godox is killing it with their lineup and I have since purchased their snoot, a 7′ silver umbrella and their white beauty dish with grid, and did so for $121.67. Guys, Godox is the way, it’s the future! Right up there with mirrorless. :)