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Lightroom Classic

How to create a dramatic sunset scene

When it comes to photographing a sunset, things can sometimes be a bit tricky. Your sun might be overexposed and your scene might be slightly washed out. So how do

Why won’t Lightroom read my RAW files?

You got that fancy new camera during an after-Christmas sale, and you’re ready to go out and photograph! But when you get back and try to import photos, you suddenly

Creating dramatic desert photography

Photographing deserts can be challenging. The color can be dull, and there might not be much action taking place. So how do you take your desert photographs to the next

Bring out the eyes in a portrait

In this video, Sony Artisan Chris Orwig shows us how to bring out the eyes in a portrait. Here, he uses Lightroom Classic and its selective adjustment tools, like the

Perfecting your post-processing process

These days taking an image with a DSLR camera is usually only half the process — the rest of the magic happens in post-processing. It really does not matter what

Enhancing eyes in Lightroom Classic

A famous phrase is, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” In this ThinkTAPLearn video, instructor Kristina Sherk shows us the best ways to make eyes pop, and walks

Make a portrait with the Milky Way

You might be thinking, wha?!? How is this even possible? Well, with a little bit of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop magic by blending two exposures, you can create a magazine-worthy