Luminar Flex Looks make it easy to try new ways of being creative with your editing. The process is simple. It’s just like using any other plug-in with Adobe Lightroom Classic. In Lightroom Classic, go to Photo > Edit in and choose Luminar Flex. Once you’re finished in Flex, click on apply and it automatically exports it back into Lightroom. If I have an image I know I want to edit but can’t quite figure out what I want to do with it, by taking it into Luminar Flex and applying presets it allows me to envision the possibilities.

For the purist

You can easily make minimal edits to your images using the Looks provided or by downloading other Looks available from Skylum. For this one, I used the Professional set of Looks and chose the B&W Nostalgy Look at 100%.

Luminar Flex Professional B&W Nostalgy

For the slightly adventurous

This image I used the Atomic Colors Looks by Wims Amys which you can get for free from Skylum under the Looks category. I chose the Netpunium Look.

For the film lovers

It’s always fun to see what an image would look like if it had been shot on film. The Tonality Mega B&W pack by Richard Harrington is free and includes 170 different, black & white, monochrome and film Looks to try.

Here I used the Ilford FP 4 plus 125 Look in the Tonality Film Emulation Looks.

For the very adventurous

Why not just go crazy with your edit, see what you can create by being adventurous with your clicks.

I just downloaded this Look pack as I was writing this article. By signing up to be on their email list they sent the UltraViolet Look pack to me. I used the UV Negative Look on this.


These are just four easy examples. Other than removing sensor spots and some cropping I did not do any other editing to these.

Playing with Looks in Luminar Flex is fun and simple. Use them as starting off points to create the looks you want or use them as is. You can use them at 100% or dial them back a bit to your taste. Click through them, see what they do, how they affect your image and be creative.

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