Photographer of the Day: Michael Hutchinson

Category: Portrait Photographer: Michael Hitchinson Photo: “Shirt of fishes” The characters in the world make the best portrait subjects. These fascinating people stand out because they are their own individual

Photographer of the Day: Foteini Zaglara

Category: Portrait Photographer: Foteini Zaglara Photo: “Mida’s daughter” This portrait is a study of warmth in light, subject and tone. The warm light combine with bronze-gold makeup including gold leaf

Photographer of the Day, Robertino Radovix with Woman earns honors in the portrait category.

Photographer of the Day: Robertino Radovix

Category: Portrait Photographer: Robertino Radovix Photo: “Woman” A powerful portrait can happen in a moment. A woman, chin resting in her bejeweled hand, looks into the lens of the camera.

Portrait Tips: Lighting the Hulk

It doesn’t really take too much imagination when you have a muscleman in front of your lens to picture him as a green mass with purple highlights. It’s either because

Photofocus Photographer of the Day Michael Hutchinson with "Virginia Farmer ".

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hutchinson

Category: Portrait Photographer: Michael Hutchinson Photo: “Virginia Farmer” “Virginia Farmer” reminds us of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) photographs made during the Depression of the 1930s. The gentleman is weathered,

Portrait Tips: Challenge conquers dread

Dread: That’s the feeling that happens when you know you’re in over your head but you have to perform anyway. Dread started weighing on me and pulling my stomach into

Steve Lavelle returns as the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with his portrait "Katarina 4".

Photographer of the Day: Steve Lavelle

Category: Portrait Photographer: Steve Lavelle Photo: “Katarina 4” An action pose in this portrait starts a story — an attractive woman in a potentially less-than-desirable place raises her arm. What

Portrait Tips: Crop the crud

Everyone knows that to make romantic, intimate-looking photos you need to be in a romantic kind of place. You’d better build a strong relationship with the Italian restaurant nearby so

Philip Osborne's "Lauren" earns him Photofocus Photographer of the Day kudos for portraits.

Photographer of the Day: Philip Osborne

Category: Portrait Photographer: Philip Osborne Photo: “Lauren” “Lauren” is a portrait that reveals and has its viewer’s asking questions. Why the ace of diamonds? Is Lauren herself raising her hand

Portrait Tips: “It’s not about you!”

This is about mindset. Somehow, late in the last century, folks became worried about how they looked in photos. People my grandparents’ and parents’ ages were very concerned about how

Enio Godoy with "Eyes 2" is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day for portraits.

Photographer of the Day: Enio Godoy

Category: Portrait Photographer: Enio Godoy Photo: “Eyes 2” Questions: Does a portrait have to include the entire face? Does the person in it have to be recognizable? Our photographer of

Why time of day matters for portrait photography

(Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome this guest post from Darlene Hildebrandt. Darlene is a long time pro, now educator, who teaches aspiring amateur and hobby photographers how to improve

"Untitled" a woman working a crossword in a coffee shop provides the Photographer of the Day from Photofocus honors to thesrpspaintshop

Photographer of the Day: thesrpspaintshop

Category: Portrait Photographer: thesrpspaintshop Photo: “Untitled” A candid portrait can be as powerful as one where the sitter and the photographer work together. “Untitled” shows off the eye of a

Weekly Wrap-Up: August 18-24, 2019

With summer winding down and the kids going back to school, the team at Photofocus brought some really unique articles this week to get your creativity juices flowing! Guest author

Portrait Tips: Using window light

Using the light from a window is a terrific way to illuminate your subject. It can be the biggest and softest light off all — and it’s free. One of

Tomas Salinka's Photographer of the Day winning portrait "Frida" on Photofocus.com

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka

Category: Portrait Photographer: Tomas Salinka Photo: “Frida” What looks like, at first sight, is a natural light portrait of a young woman. Then you see her oh-so-blue eyes. Then you see

Beware the blur: Keeping portraits looking real

(Editor’s note: This guest article is by professional retoucher Dennis Dunbar. He has been adding the Photoshop magic to images for movie posters and ad campaigns for over 28 years. He loves