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How to capture better portraits

(Editor’s Note: We welcome this guest post from Chris Orwig, a bestselling author, photographer and teacher who blends a down-to-earth approach with technical expertise. He has authored seven books and

Finding your hidden truth, with Chris Orwig

We welcome you to a new Photofocus series called Creators Chat, where we interview photographers across the globe to find out how they create and get inspired behind the camera.

Sports portraits: Understanding your talent

Before you photograph an athlete, it is important that you research your talent’s atmosphere. What are the rules of the game? What does the athlete wear while playing the game?

Portrait Tips: Sculpt a portrait

Making portraits for clients is like competing in the decathlon. You have to be able to shoot movement and groups and individuals and kids and products and available light and

"Photography Club Scavenger Hunt" by our Photographer of the Day Wade Brooks on Photofocus

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Portrait Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Photography Club Scavenger Hunt” Photography clubs are lots of fun and great places to become inspired by others. Today’s photographer of the day for

Photographer of the Day: David Renz

Category: Portrait Photographer: David Renz Photo: “RX10III” This might also be titled “Wonder,” or “Thoughts,” or what does this portrait evoke for you. I see a woman in her own world

Weekly Wrap-Up: December 15-21, 2019

After a week full of Black Friday and other holiday deals, we kicked off December with some great content to enhance your photography this winter! What a great week leading

Making soft light

In this ThinkTAPLearn video, instructor Levi Sim talks about how to create soft light for your portrait photographs. He discusses multiple ways to diffuse and reflect light, as well as

Have some fun with Christmas portraits

Who says Christmas portraits have to be posed and old fashioned? Try having some fun with yours this year. Grab a friend or two, or perhaps a selfie, and combine

Photofocus Photographer of the Day is Darren M with his portrait "Window."

Photographer of the Day: Darren M

Category: Portrait Photographer: Darren M Photo: “Window” Find a window, have your subject step up next to it and look back at the camera. Simple? Not really. Our photographer of the

Weekly Wrap-Up: December 8-14, 2019

After a week full of Black Friday and other holiday deals, we kicked off December with some great content to enhance your photography this winter! With the holiday season officially

Conceptual Creativity with Dan: A bed of roses

This new Conceptual Creativity series is a collaboration with my friend Daniel Mallard. Dan has been a photojournalist for a major Canadian daily newspaper for over 35 years. In this

Nicki Panou with "bb" from her series "we are the dead" earns photographer of the day honors for portraiture on Photofocus.

Photographer of the Day: Nicki Panou

Category: Portrait Photographer: Nicki Manou Photo: “bb” “bb” is an art portrait that our Photographer of the Day Nicki Panou has created. It is the first in her series “we

Editing a portrait in Luminar 4

Luminar 4 has many powerful tools to edit and enhance portraits. In this video, you will learn how to apply a combination of tools to creatively edit a portrait and