Looking to create awesome visuals for your social media feed? Here’s how to use negative space like a boss!

What is negative space in photography?

It’s a composition rule where an unoccupied space surrounds the main subject (the subject in focus being the “positive” space).

How does negative space enhances social media’s visuals?

It gives the images — and feed — room to breathe

Have you ever run into an overly-charged and cluttered feed? I have. There’s so much going on, you don’t even know where to begin!

So many informations contained in such small spaces. Sometimes (read: often) less is more. Try a minimalist approach and see the positive impact (pun intended) of this airier look.

Social media post quote
Who doesn’t like inspiring quotes? This post was created by importing my own picture of a tree branch into Adobe CC Express Post.

Attracts and guides the eye

With lots of negative space, the focus goes directly on the main subject. The eyes are first drawn to the positive space. As you can see, it’s extremely easy to guide the viewer’s attention to the message we want to share that way.

Plenty of space for awesome texts

The best part in my opinion: Negative space is perfect to add text blocs. It could be such a pain in the a$$ to try to add text to a regular picture.

You know, when you struggle to find the right text’s color to make it pop because the background has like four different shades? Or too much texture? You know what I mean. Problem solved with negative space!

Social media post kung fu
Just like the previous example, I’ve created this design by using my own image in Adobe CC Express Post.

Use negative space like a boss!

Here’s a bonus tip. Visuals shown in this article were designed with Adobe CC Express Post. The app is available on desktop, tablet and cellphone.  The free version offers basic features. The paid version (included in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership) offers free premium templates, free images, designs and branded templates. I’ve been using the app for a couple of years and it’s helped me create great-looking posts!